Drift Evolution Media Policy

-Media credentials are required by every media personnel in order to gain on track permissions. Media Applications are to be submitted via the assigned google form listed below and must be submitted in advance to the scheduled event  to be considered (minimum of 24 hours prior to scheduled event). By signing and submitting the form, media personnel are signing and accepting the terms and conditions of the liability policy, which will be included in the form. Credentials are accredited on an event-event basis. Failure to complete the provided form may result in a denied request. If given media credentials, Drift Evolution holds rights to post or repost any media taken during the scheduled season on the website and other official social media pages (photo/video credit will be given and posted along with reposted media). Approved media personnel will receive free entry to the event with full access to the paddock, If authorized media personnel wish to withhold Drift Evolutions access to repost their media, they must pay full entry and pit pass expenses. All approved media personnel must wear a yellow or bright safety orange reflective vest at all times and closed toed shoes in order to gain on track permissions. ALL MEDIA PERSONNEL ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE PRE EVENT MEDIA BRIEFING: FAILURE TO APPEAR WILL RESULT IN A FULL TERMINATION OF MEDIA CREDENTIALS FOR THE SCHEDULED EVENT.  Thank you for expressing interest in the 2018 Drift Evolution Series, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to the sport. 

Official DE Media Crew

We will be accepting applications for spots on our official DE crew. 

Perks will include special DE gear, travel arraignments, VIP passes, special access, etc. 

If your interested email Corey personally at 007tactical@gmail.com

If you had your work published in our 2018 Calendar you are automatically approved. Just contact us!

Very limited number of positions available.