DE Rules


DE is and has always been family friendly.

Please keep in mind we are ambassadors for our sport and always be awesome. Please keep any music in the pits "radio edit" and at low volume. MJ is legal in OR but not in public places, DE is a public place. Alcohol is allowed after the track goes cold. 

FREE Camping on site

All our events have FREE camping for our drivers. Family and friends are welcome but please make sure they have a pit pass.


Our tech is very simple and mainly common sense. -No leaking fluids! -Battery tied down (no bungee, zip ties), -no loose items in cab, -all studs and wheel nuts, -properly installed seat belt/ harness, -DOT Helmet, -At least a 4 point roll bar in open top vehicles (factory roll over protection is OK), Fire Extinguisher mounted in car within drivers reach. *common sense...

Access to our tracks

We are always on the edge of losing our venues. Please help us keep our tracks! Please be courteous to track staff and  management. Always leave your pit and the track better than we found it!

Our atmosphere is the best!

When we ask folks about our events and what they like most the answer we get the most is, our ATMOSPHERE is awesome and the best. Please help keep it that way by remembering why your here. Were grassroots and proud of it! We welcome everyone of any skill level and car build level. 

Keep Drifting Fun! 

Roll in

You can roll in the day before at the specified time on the flyer. You must roll out the last day of the event, with exception of RENO where you can leave the morning after.